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Best Dialogues Of Broken But Beautiful 3: ALT Balaji And MX Player

Best Dialogues Of Broken But Beautiful 3: ALT Balaji And MX Player

The trailer of Broken But Beautiful Season 3 is out now and this web series is initially going to release in ALT Balaji and later gonna stream in MX Player. The trailer run time is about 2 minutes and 30 seconds looks so promising and entertaining.

The lead roles are Vikrant Massey and Harleen Sethi. Who were in the first two seasons of Broken But Beautiful is now replaced with Sidharth Shukla and Sonia Rathee.

The story:

In the show, Sidharth plays Agastya Rao, an aspiring director, who later falls in love with Rumi Desai played by Sonia Rathee, who appeared as a scriptwriter in the show.

Their worlds are different, their personalities and needs are different from each other. Agastya and Rumi Desai have a rough impression at first and later they fall in love with each other. Rumi Desai loves Agastya with no strings attached a kind of way where Agastya is in madly love with Rumi. Now, this thing perfectly creates a headache in the story.

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Vikrant Massey and Harleen Sethi who are lead roles of the previous 2 seasons have appeared in the show and it looks like they are helping Rumi Desai with love issues but we never know until we watch the show.

The trailer is a roller coaster ride of emotions, pain, love, feelings, hate, jealousy, obsession, revenge. The dialogues in the show are relatable and heart touching.

Best Dialogues Of Broken But Beautiful 3: ALT Balaji And MX Player

Broken But Beautiful Season 3 is going to be the digital debut of Sidharth Shukla. We all know how brilliant actor Sidharth Shukla is and showed us his acting skills in his previous roles in Balika Vadhu and Dil Se Dil Tak. And recently he got a huge fanbase after he appeared in the Bigg Boss 13.

The show Broken But Beautiful is gonna release on 29th of May in ALT Balaji and later gonna stream on MX player.

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Here are some Best Dialogues Of Broken But Beautiful 3:

1. It’s f**king scary when you get want you want.

2. Naam banta hai risk se, chut*ye bante hai ishq se.

3. Aisa kya toot sakta hai joh do logo ke bich ki tukde bhi na mile.

Broken But Beautiful  3
Best Dialogues Of Broken But Beautiful 3

4. Sab kuch itna black and white nahi hota.

5. Main pyaar karti hu tumse, tum nahi karte toh na sahi, mera pyaar kaafi hai, main kaafi hu.

6. Koi tumse pyaar na kare. isse tumhara pyaar kam nahi hojata. Tumhara pyaar kaafi hai, tum kaafi ho.

7. Mujhe laga woh pyaar hai, lekin pyaar conditional tonahi hota na.

8. I fallen so hard ki dil or dimag dono sunn hogaye.

9. Tumhara competition sirf khudse hona chahiye.

10. Obsession never ends, it just shits.

11. When there is extra lipstick on your lips and extra dazzle inn your smile, you’re definitely screaming in pain from within and chances are no one can hear you because the music is too loud.

Best Dialogues Of Broken But Beautiful 3
Best Dialogues Of Broken But Beautiful 3

12. I wanted something so much ki maine apne aap ko convince kardiya ki woh pyaar hai.

13. Uske saath joh tha koi naam hai hi nahi. Yes, I loved someone but someone lived me. Aur kabhi kabhi zindagi guzar jaati hai farq samajhne mein.

14.Broken things can be beautiful too.

15. Sometimes the moments that gonna change your life are the moments you never expected.

16. Abb yahan se kahan? I have no idea, kabhi kabhi naa pata hone mein hi asli maza hai.

17. She had found the crack and peeped right into my soul. Aur kehne ko woh mujhe jaanti bhi nahi thi. Sach hi hai strangers make the best mirrors.

18. Yahi toh hota hai pyaar. You can actually feel common sense leaving your body slowly. In similar words, “epic chutiyapa”.

19. You know what, she has given me something that no one ever has…… Magic!

20. Every bad bitch was once a sweet girl, who was tired of taking people’s shit.

21. What is love anyway? Ek glamourized four-letter word for self-inflicted pain.

We will keep updating this blog as soon as we find new dialogues. Until then share this article with your friends and family.

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