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Jagame Thandhiram Movie Review – Dhanush, Netflix

Jagame Thandhiram Movie Review – Dhanush, Karthik Subbaraj

Reviewed by Sunny Parkhi ( Instagram: @sunsetinfilms )

Karthik Subbaraj’s film is all style with a little substance.

Suruli, a rowdy from Madurai is called by a big gangster in London to finish off his enemy. Later on, he lands into trouble deciding what’s right and wrong.

The film is straight-up predictable from the first minute. What keeps you engaged in your seat is Karthik Subbaraj’s storytelling and Dhanush’s infectious energy on screen. You know what’s gonna happen in the very next scene but you wish to see how Suruli gets to the other end. The first half is medium paced and thoroughly entertaining. The second half gets a bit of a drag but the climax is praiseworthy.

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The most underwhelming aspect of this film is the length. Despite its predictability, Jagame Thandhiram is close to 2 hours and 40 minutes. But the film never gets boring.

Dhanush is the star of the show, he is full of charm and wit, Dhanush is very earnest as suruli, rest of the cast has done their job well.

Jagame Thandhiram Movie Review - Dhanush, Karthik Subbaraj
Jagame Thandhiram Movie Review – Dhanush, Karthik Subbaraj

Santosh Narayanan’s music elevates the film, especially in action scenes. The technical aspects of the film are definitely something to marvel at. Production value and cinematography is mind-blowing. The film is a visual treat for sure, colours are used very effectively in the film.

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Jagame Thandhiram is not a perfect film at all but definitely one of the best commercial flicks to come out this year. Watch out for Dhanush’s performance, action scenes and beautiful cinematography. The film is available in Hindi, Tamil & Telugu on Netflix.

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