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8 Lessons From Broken But Beautiful 3

8 Lessons From Broken But Beautiful 3

This article is written by Paree Sharma ( Instagram: @pareeee_._ )

In the show, Sidharth plays Agastya Rao, an aspiring director, who later falls in love with Rumi Desai played by Sonia Rathee, who appeared as a scriptwriter in the show.

Their worlds are different, their personalities and needs are different from each other. Agastya and Rumi Desai have a rough impression at first and later they fall in love with each other. Rumi Desai loves Agastya with no strings attached a kind of way where Agastya is in madly love with Rumi. Now, this thing perfectly creates a headache in the story.

source: www.instagram.com/realsidharthshukla

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Here are 8 lessons from Broken But Beautiful 3

1. Fall for someone, but never forget to stand for yourself:

Falling for someone never means losing yourself. It’s not about choosing them over yourself, your dreams, desires, and life. It’s not even about chasing them for life and losing your self-respect. It’s not about being submissive, love is about growing together.

2. Love never fails:

8 Lessons From Broken But Beautiful 3
8 Lessons From Broken But Beautiful 3

There is no success or failure in love. Love is an emotion, not a mission. Staying together or marrying has nothing to do with love. Love is immortal and marrying is never the proof of true love. If the love is true, it remains forever and that’s where love never fails.

3. You are scribbler of your journey:

They may be responsible for your heartbreaks, but you are responsible for the journey after heartbreak; you can scribe growth and devastation, simultaneously. It’s you who is to decide, whatever happened has been done, it was not in your hands, but now it is. Make sure you scribe a journey of growth and success, unlike depression.

4. Life has many more events make sure you enjoy each:

Love life status must never sway your growth, your career, and your life. Life shall not stop, it must keep going. Even if, your partner goes away, this shall not influence your personal growth, your personal life, and special events in life. There is even more in life. One shall not give up living life and enjoying it.

5. If it doesn’t boost your strength, it isn’t loving:

Love can bring out the best form of yours in every aspect; it will boost your confidence and make you more beautiful when it comes. If it doesn’t support you, strengthen you, it is not loving. Because love will mirror your weakness but also boost your strength.

6. Love will tell you, how simply beautiful you are:

Love accepts your raw form, it will not deny your aggression, not your past, and not your mistakes; it’s forgiving and embracing. It will embrace you, as you are. It will demand you, as you are. Love will tell you, how simply beautiful you are. When they are around, you don’t need to be anything, but just you- that’s the beauty about love.

7. Nothing is easy, and so love is not :

8 Lessons From Broken But Beautiful 3
8 Lessons From Broken But Beautiful 3

Love’s one side is tempting and the other- aching. Firstly, it attaches to a person and then attaches with too many memories. It is beautiful when it stays, but becomes awful when it gets separated. Nothing is easy, and so love is not.

8. Destiny gives you what deserve:

Everything happens for good. Crossing a few toxic people is too important to know how people are, not everybody is good. And separations from few people is important, to realize our real potential and what we actually, deserve. What we wanted, what we need are two different things; and we get to know all this after, we closely meet, what we wanted.

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