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Sherni Roars Loud And Noiseless Leaving An Impact In The Heart

Sherni Roars Loud And Noiseless Leaving An Impact In The Heart

Reviewed by Shivam Gupta ( Instagram: @iamsarcasticbrat )

Director: Amit V Masurkar

Writer: Amit V Masurkar, Yashasvi Mishra, Aastha Tiku

Cinematography: Rakesh Haridas

Starring: Vidya Balan, Vijay Raaz, Sharat Saxena, Mukul Chadda, Neeraj Kabi, Brijindra Kala and Ila Arun

Streaming on: Amazon Prime Video

Sherni roars loud and noiseless leaving an impact in the heart and a thought in mind. This Amit Masurkar’s movie who is known to create masterpieces like Newton is another try to show the real-life politics happening in the upper division of our system and how even the officials are bound to their duty and helpless in such cases.

The story of Sherni

The movie revolves around a Sherni known as T12 who is a danger to the people of the village and the forest department has to take charge to contain the tigress somehow. Vidya Vincent played by Vidya Balan is a forest officer who has taken up the charge of this case. She just wants to be loyal to her duty and conserve the tigress and move her to the national park nearby where she can live peacefully. The village people are too much fed up with this situation and want a situation quickly.

source: www.instagram.com/balanvidya

In the backdrop, there is a political drama happening over this situation where political leaders are trying to blame the ruling people and hence there is a clash among all the people. Because of all the chaos, Vidya is unable to focus on her work and her team is interrupted at very crucial moments. The whole movie is about whether Vidya was able to save the tigress or not. The cinematography of the movie is really good and it captures the visual beauty of the movie really well. The movie talks about a sensitive message which is not for the average audience and they might feel bored after the first half of the movie itself.

Sherni Roars Loud And Noiseless Leaving An Impact In The Heart
Sherni Roars Loud And Noiseless Leaving An Impact In The Heart

Sherni tries to show the worst condition of our system and how even if some officials are trying to do better things, all they face is resistance. It also talks about the question that why do the people in the village go out to the forest and risk their lives even when they know that there is a tiger roaming. It revolves around the central idea of how animals and people are all connected and dependent on each other and they have to co-exist with each other or our planet will be doomed very soon. Hunting the animal down will lead them to extinction and that is why Vidya Vincent along with her team tries to save and conserve the animal while the whole movies revolve around the same question if she was able to?

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There is not much acting or performances you can find in the movie which might make it seem dull but the plotline and transition of the scenes are so powerful that it overshadows the acting. The scenes are written with great zeal and that can be seen on the screen. The character of Vidya Balan is again an independent government official who wants to do good but is trapped in so many social and office norms that she feels frustrated and was on the verge of quitting her job. The movie closely deals with the wrong notion of government jobs we have in our mind and how difficult it is to be in that position.

Sherni Roars Loud And Noiseless Leaving An Impact In The Heart

Final Verdict:

Should you watch it? Well, it depends on the audience though. If you are a commercial movie lover who wants to laugh out loud or get entertained in every scene, maybe this movie is not for you. It is a silent movie with thoughtful scenes and a message we keep ignoring that how can we keep the balance of nature and development together. The movie is not for the average audience and they will find it boring right from the start but the end is worth it with a beautiful song ‘Bandar Baat’ which is a thoughtful song depicting the whole scenario. So if you are looking for something silent and have the patience to go with it till the end, this is the movie for you.

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