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Types Of Friendships From Bollywood

Bollywood has so many amazing movies which reflects friendship and love between friends. So here are few types of friendships from Bollywood.

1. Damini, Anjana, Siddhi, and Umang


The group of four girls, who would always empower each other through their thick and thin yet allowing them to accept their flaws more unapologetically.

2. Kabir and Shiva


Why would someone not want a friend like Shiva who stood by his friend during every hardship of his life even after seeing their worst?

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3. Ishaan, Omi, and Govind


The trio who had spend most of their life together, growing up through push and pull, often tripling on a motorcycle and savoring the best moments of life

4. Sanju and Kamli


That ‘duo’ where one of them would teach us to be a human first before being a good friend and would always be sternly calling out on the odd habits of his friend.

5. Meera and Veronica

friendships from bollywood

Isn’t it a good option every time to get high on friendship and to let things take it to turn with a completely opposite friend of yours.

6. Sonu and Titu


The brother from another mother who can go against any odds to save his friend from hurdles between him and his happiness. That one friend with whom you can also say cheers to life singing Tera Yaar Hoon Mai.

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7. Baburao, Shyam and Raju

friendships from bollywood

The trio always caught in a comedy of errors and cross-connections leaving everybody around amused with their humour and loud guffaw.

8. Rancho, Farhan, Raju


The trio where one of them would teach the other two to live their life on their own terms and where none of them have to explain themselves to the other.

9. Aisha and Sid

friendships from bollywood

The ‘duo’ of a perfect calm composed confidant and a careless young guy where the two would complement each other like black and white.

This article is written by Saloni Sharma.

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