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Tribhanga Review – Mithila Palkar, Kajol, Tanvi Azmi

Tribhanga Review – Mithila Palkar, Kajol, Tanvi Azmi

Tribhanga’s storyline twirls around the women of three generations with their unconventional personals, who are seen battling for their unheard and misunderstood stories beyond motherhood and our societal reproaches stifling their deliverance.

Tribhanga has its title inspired by the famous Odissi dance posture which bends the body in three distinct directions, each utterly independent of the other but rooting down from the same body and so is how this fabrication builds a base.

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Nayantara Apte (Tanvi Azmi) is a woman who is so unapologetically in love with her passion for writing, that even her mother-in-law’s tactful animosities, her husbands’ silence while supporting her and her two children’s neglected upbringing couldn’t shake her from what she fancied to persevere. Due to her incautious mothering, her daughter Anuradha Apte (Kajol) is the one who suffers the most.

tribhanga review
Tribhanga Review

Anuradha is Bollywood’s well-known face and quite acknowledged for her Odissi dance skills. She has come up with her reasons to hate her mother whom she calls Nayan instead of ‘Aaii’. From being ridiculed in the school for not having her father’s surname suffixed to being sexually molested by her mother’s newly-wed husband, she starts considering that her childhood was solely seized due to her mother’s cold-hearted ignorance and gradually grows into someone who never allows herself to replicate the blunders what her mother made.

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Anuradha’s choice of not marrying a man, and being into multiple relationships, makes her daughter Masha (Mithila Palkar) tyrannized by her teachers and friends for her illegitimacy as a child, all through her childhood. For the same, she dreams of a conservative family, who could give her child a father’s care and safe surroundings to grow unlike what she got. They all made their selections spontaneously according to what they encountered in their journey while growing up into themselves.

This is not that Tribhanga only centres on these three women, but it also lights by bringing up a character like a writer named Milan Upadhyay (Kunal Roy Kapur), recording every unheard moment of Nayan’s life to formulate her biography, that some men can also be unfathomably beautiful for their personalism just like he was. He is the one, who becomes an arbitrator in between the triumvirate making them speak of the torment they faced, and why they owe an apology to each other.

Tribhanga Review

No matter how much estranged they all were towards each other, each one of them later chose to live for what their mothers didn’t give them. Kajol puts herself into the boots of an impulsive woman with a filthy mouth, Tanvi sparkles her mellowness in her talks and Masha enchants everyone with her docility. Each of them was quite different, yet they changed themselves into one single fine line- they started seeing their mothers as individual humans and that’s the most beautiful part of the film.

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Renuka’s direction grips every impassioned scene and hits right in the core of our hearts. Tribhanga is living for yourselves more than anyone else, yet it gives a peek towards maintaining relations and giving our children the independence to have a voice. The poignant story is aptly communicated to bind its audience with a perfect casting and roaring picturization. Highly recommended to binge exclusively on Netflix.

This movie is reviewed by Jigyanshu Das ( @jiggywrites )

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