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“Sunflower” Is Capable Enough To Hook You In – ZEE5

“Sunflower” Is Capable Enough To Hook You In – ZEE5

Reviewed by Vaibhav Mehra ( Instagram @veb_mehra )

Sunflower is obviously a worth watch series. Starring Sunil Grover as lead Sunflower is the OTT platform debut of Director Vikas Bahl who did a really nice job in bringing out most of the series. Revolving around a murder mystery this 8 episode long series, “Sunflower” is capable enough to hook you to itself and is a family entertainment too so can be watched along.

source: www.instagram.com/whosunilgrover

The story in itself is not too big and new. The plot is relatively short and is also predictable at many times but the narration and the screenplay cover all of that beautifully. Most of the credit goes to the director, the whole setup was done so beautifully that even when you know that a punch line is coming still you can’t stop yourself from laughing. Again but some old age humour tricks are used in the show which doesn’t work anymore but novelty comes from the type of characters. The show has an abundance of characters and each one is unique and quirky in its own manner, from Sonu Singh to Mr Ahuja everyone has their own distinct properties which will make you love them.

"Sunflower" Is Capable Enough To Hook You In - ZEE5
“Sunflower” Is Capable Enough To Hook You In – ZEE5

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Though with so many characters and that too unique in its own manner, it takes a really long time to get introduced to all of them. In fact, the initial 2 to 3 episodes more or less focus on introducing characters only which makes the plot progress slow enough, not only that but the initial episodes are a bit longer than needed which could have made things boring for the audience to watch but thanks to the fabulous performances by all the actors, Sunflower still maintains the grip over audience’s interest. Sunil Grover himself shines in the role of Sonu Singh, by the end of the series you would have all the minor details of the character in your mind and all credits go to the actor portraying him so beautifully.

Sunflower Review
“Sunflower” Is Capable Enough To Hook You In – ZEE5

Not only that but I would specially mention that the background score and the lighting of the web series were contributing the most to make things as better as possible. On a concluding note Sunflower on Zee 5 is one of the initial dark comedy content created in India and is deserved to be watched. Even after its short plot and a bit slower first half the narrative and acting are enough to hook you up.

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