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Sherni Revolves Around A List Of The Most Important Social Issues

Sherni Revolves Around A List Of The Most Important Social Issues.

Reviewed by Vaibhav Mehra ( Instagram @veb_mehra )

Director: Amit V Masurkar

Writer: Amit V Masurkar, Yashasvi Mishra, Aastha Tiku

Cinematography: Rakesh Haridas

Starring: Vidya Balan, Vijay Raaz, Sharat Saxena, Mukul Chadda, Neeraj Kabi, Brijindra Kala and Ila Arun

Streaming on: Amazon Prime Video

Even after layers of society reforming issues and a glorious star cast lead by Vidya Balan herself. Sherni is nothing more than a one time watch and could have lacked in hooking up audiences to herself.

Sherni revolves around a list of some of the most important social issues. The whole situation with which this movie opens up is a beauty in itself, with a wild Sherni hunting down humans because of the destruction of its natural habitat. The introduction of a lady in charge to handle the complete situation.

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source: www.instagram.com/balanvidya

Promoting feminism and animal rights at the same time, Sherni overall beautifully promotes that every living organism on the face of this earth deserves equality and both inter and intra discrimination should be eliminated from the structure of our society. Not only that but the movie also clearly depicts that the only villain for anyone’s life is the rigid mentality of human beings. We can only change society by making our minds more flexible and making ourselves more open to ideas.

Sherni Revolves Around A List Of The Most Important Social Issues


Coming to the acting so I should definitely say that Vidya Balan completely nailed her character. She is already known to play always a varied kind of characters but the one of Vidya Vincent was completely different from all others played by her. Not only that but the whole environment and theme of the movie was quite rural and that also in a forest location which could have affected the performance but Vidya ma’am showed her full potential. Mukul Chadda, Vijay Raaz and Neeraj Kohli are also not new names to classic Indian Cinema and have done their best to portray the characters in the most appropriate manner.

Sherni Revolves Around A List Of The Most Important Social Issues
Sherni Revolves Around A List Of The Most Important Social Issues

Final Verdict:

So where did things went wrong? The screenplay, direction and presentation. Now no matter how strong an issue you are raising, no matter how well your star cast is performing, no matter how thrilling sequences do you have. If you are not using your tools properly it is all going to waste. The same is the case with Sherni. Director Amit Masurkar raised too many themes and sub-themes throughout the runtime of the movie but was not able to acknowledge any of them completely.

Even though he beautifully portrayed the parallel between Sherni and Vidya Vincent. Still the screenplay, elongated things more than required and could give audiences a vibe of watching a documentary. Not only that but the character arcs could have been completed in a way beautiful manner than having done. I think it lacks the finishing needed. So in the end the movie delivers a great message with some beautiful characters and acting skills but still lacks the pace and limits itself to a one time watch.

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