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Movies That Will Make You Understand The Struggles Of Life

Movies That Will Make You Understand The Struggles Of Life

Here are some Bollywood movies that acted as a warm hug and will make you understand the struggles of life.

1. Chhichhore:


Afraid of being a failure?

There’s not a single person who has always been a winner because until or unless you know what it feels like to be a loser you won’t know the taste of being number one.

Failure is an essential part of your life which helps you to focus on becoming a winner.

2. Hindi medium:

A scene from Hindi Medium movie
Movies That Will Make You Understand The Struggles Of Life

There are several parents who struggle to admit their children into reputed institutions but this contemporary world doesn’t value education because the first thing which is seen in a parent is their ability to speak English despite knowing the fact that they belong from a generation that didn’t have many English medium institutions.

We may proudly say that we belong to this modern generation but we should always remember that ethics play a very vital role in a person’s well being.

3. Gunjan Saxena: The Kargil Girl:

A scene from Gunjan Saxena movie

Daughters are raised by their families just to get them married? Why can’t a daughter be a soldier and protect her own motherland? Why can’t a daughter join the airforce and serve her motherland?

She can do all of these right? Yes, then why can’t society actively take part in empowering them?

Gunjan Saxena has been an example to all those females who think that women are meant only to stay indoors.

4. Dil Bechara:

A scene from dil bechara movie
Movies That Will Make You Understand The Struggles Of Life

In a world full of time passes and lust stories, Dil Bechara gave us a strong message that we need to appreciate the people we have with us before they become a memory forever.

Life is long only in fairytales, in real life is too short so instead of wasting your time on materialistic things, utilise it to spend it with your family.

5. The Lunchbox:


Life is very unpredictable. You don’t know whom, where and how you will meet and they will become an integral part of your life.

Lunchbox emphasizes two lovers who never meet but they keep sharing their thoughts and feelings with each other through their unspoken words of love.

Some relationships do not have any identity yet they are very powerful.

6. Dil Chahta hai:


Sometimes you don’t want a moment to pass, you don’t want the hands of a clock to move, you want to capture this moment forever and you feel never to grow old.

You wish to always be a child but you can’t help because the only thing which isn’t in your control is time.

Time makes a person act according to it but doesn’t let a person control it (time).

7. Queen:

A scene from queen movie
Movies That Will Make You Understand The Struggles Of Life

It’s natural that sometimes you will feel you don’t deserve this life, nobody is worth being your friend but you need to keep in mind that life is all about the struggles you face which makes you a much better human being and with time you will realise that they are good people still left in this world whom you can trust and have good relationships with.

8. Wake up Sid:


Most youngsters aren’t interested in studies and careers because they think life is a video game, it’ll have an on and off button and they can delete their mistakes.

This is their biggest mistake, they need to wake up from this dream and realize that life isn’t a dream.

9. Dil Dhadakne Do:


Parents are always our well-wishers but sometimes they may take wrong decisions for us.

They become so over-possessive about us that they forget to ask us for our consent. Not every arranged marriage is successful.

Families need to understand that when their children are turning adults, they need to support their feelings too because a marriage that is forced can never be a happy one.

This article is written by Sruti Bhaumik ( Connect on Instagram: @_sana_05 )

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