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Kota factory 2 made its comeback on Netflix – A review

Kota Factory 2 Made Its Comeback On Netflix – A Review

The show Kota Factory Season 2 is reviewed by Shivam Gupta ( @iamsarcasticbrat )

Kota factory, the brainchild of TVF made its comeback on Netflix this time because Season 1 ended on a high note and people loved it a lot.

Everyone was waiting for the next season and TVF along with Netflix was also hyping the show for a month, building people’s expectations. Season 2 started on a positive note with the protagonist Vaibhav living his new life in Maheshwari classes.

He thought that maybe he will feel more confident with his studies but somehow he was not comfortable in the environment. Other characters also are living their life without Vaibhav and our beloved Jeetu Bhaiya is no more in Prodigee classes and starting his new venture called Aimers.

The show is all about the daily life struggles of the students of Kota along with the teachers of Kota and how the academic system works on building or breaking the people in Kota.

It is engaging and intriguing because it is very close to reality. The show features some meaningful quotes which will make a place in your heart and some heartfelt sequences.

The soundtracks in the middle are also very soothing and go with the plot, which is the most important thing. They are not as memorable but still they sound nice in between the plot. The acting is really good by the whole caste and direction is also good.

Here comes the hard pill though, the show also caught up with the expectations of people. And because of that most viewers found this season to be a bit low than the previous one. I also found the same, it was good in bits and pieces but overall the impact was not that memorable.

Maybe it acted as a filler to another season and maybe that’s why it was less impactful. We all are hoping for a better season, the next time.

It is streaming on Netflix so if you have not watched it, treat yourself with TVF brilliance.

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