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Khairiyat Song Synopsis

It was 11:11 pm and I wished to meet you again for the last time. Just opened my eyes, earphones plugged in and played the song Khairiyat.

Khairiyat pucho, kabhi to kaifiyat pucho

Tumhare bin deewane ka kya haal hai

Dil mera dekho, na meri haisiyat pucho

Tere bin ek din jaise sau saal hai.”

After our last meet, I realised that it’s not our decision to leave each other. It’s the fuckin’ situation that forced us to drifted apart. I didn’t think that our love was that kind of weak but at last who else wins against destiny!!!

“Anjam hai tay mera Hona tumhe hai mera

Jitni bhi ho dooriyan filhaal hain

Yeh dooriyaan filhaal hain Ho…”

You know what there’s not even a single day when I didn’t think about our happy ending love story. Every day I wished for your love which I know that still exists in your soul.

khairiyat shraddha

“Tumhari tasveer ke sahare mausam kayi guzare

Mausami na samjho par ishq ko humaare

Nazron ke saamne main aata nahi tumhare

Magar rehte ho har pal manzar me tum humare”

Before I slept at the day end I daily went through that hidden folder in my phone gallery. Because that’s the only place where we both live together forever. We know that there’s less chance to meet again but my heart always beats faster when it heard your name. No matters we drifted apart but still, you’re my heart’s favourite part.

“Agar ishq se hai mila Phir dard se kya gila

Iss dard mein zindagi khush haal hai

Yeh dooriyaan filhaal hain”

I convinced myself daily that now you’re not with me, you’ve only one option left to live in pain with all the memories of her. And with that one thought I end my day with tears for being loved & smile for showing to others that I’m not a broken one.

Khairiyat pucho kabhi to kaifiyat pucho,

Tumhare bin deewane ka kya haal hai.”

By Divyesh Prajapati ( @_dp_writes_ )

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