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Best Scenes From Kota Factory 2 That Hit Us Hard

Best Scenes From Kota Factory 2 That Hit Us Hard

1. When Vaibhav and Meena had a talk with the dropper

The day our mind won’t remind us that everything needs to be attained at one single time, will be our day of achieving the heights. A human is alike a volcano of expectations and on its eruption, there is an explosion of hopes and dreams. This scene shows how the cage of our own expectations shackles our wings and doesn’t let us fly.

2. When Jeetu bhaiya talks about the essence of aiming over dreaming

In this scene when Vernali approaches Jeetu Bhaiya regarding her fear of failing in JEE-Advanced, we can see a thin line between aim and dream. In the race of dreaming about things, we usually forget to strategize our road to the destination, and this is where the aim supersedes the dream. It should always be, ‘aim it before you achieve it.

3. Shivangi talks about periods

Periods. One of the things that girls hide and feel ashamed of. “At any given time 17% of the female population are on their periods,” and the people take it so casually that they avoid talking about “periods.” From the very beginning of life, we humans were taught about hiding our fears and pains, for society take it as a bane for them. Someone had to come up with this, and Kota Factory did it smoothly.

4. Jeete Bhaiya comforts Meena about self-gratification

Another thing that disturbs a human being is the non-acceptance of self-needs. Demanding sexual pleasure is not a crime and there isn’t any point in feeling ashamed of it. Masturbating is just like another thing on your to-do list. Sex education is a real thing and everyone should take it easy just like our Jeetu Bhaiya.

5. When Meena and Uday take unwell Vaibhav to their place

Friends are the most important asset of one’s life; a home away from home. It’s like having a backbone; not attached to your body but to your soul. Friends are the best therapy after a sick day and this scene where Meena and Uday pick sick Vaibhav all the way on the scooty to assure his well-being melts our hearts and proves again the stronger bond between them.

6. Vaibhav sleeps in his mother’s lap.

Indeed, a mother is the best medicine ever who heals better and faster than any other remedy. Vaibhav sleeps carelessly as his mother bears all the responsibility on her shoulder. Mother turns out to be a blessing in every phase of life and is a permanent cure to a tormented life.

7. Ambulance siren at the end

Failures are the least acceptable in any situation, and there will always be some people mocking you at your face or your back, but losing yourself in front of them is a win of all the odds. Life isn’t a smooth road, and you can’t give up until your last breath. Self-control is a big thing, and you shouldn’t pressurize yourself to make every day count. It’s hard to go through the failures and depression, but you have to remember that this feeling is temporary and don’t let it ruin your life permanently.

This article is written by Yogita ( Instagram: @the_heart_teller )

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