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7 Iconic Heart Touching Songs Of A R Rahman

7 Iconic Heart Touching Songs Of A R Rahman

1. Kun Faya Kun


‘Kun Faya Kun’ is a song that soothes your soul and brings peace to your mind and heart when you are in absolute distress. The lyrics of this song tells us the lord is greater than everything and he is very much present and walks with us guiding us through the path called “Life”. It gives us utmost solace to live our life with the colours of light and come out of the darkness.

2. Tere Bina

‘Tere Bina’ enriches the sadness that one feels when their loved one is away. It makes us realise the importance of a person who if once gone can never be brought back. The flaws of a relationship are easy to mend if you are willing to forgive and forget. Living without your loved one is terribly impossible because their absence always kills you from within.

3. Naadan Parinde

7 Iconic Heart Touching Songs Of A R Rahman

‘Naadan Parinde’ depicts the selflessness of a human being who wishes to take his own turns and twists in order to fight all the battles in his life. This song tells us to return to our senses before it is too late. It melts my heart when I look back at the steps taken by me that happened to be wrong and also a reason for my suffering. Our delicacy is our weakness and we should turn it into a strong wand to live with confidence.

4. Dil Se Re

‘Dil Se Re’ ranges in one’s soul telling him that there is a new morning each day and new hope to live with new aims which we want to achieve. It tells us that our heart is a part of our body and it will ache when we are hurt and will be happy when we are happy. All we need is to care about ourselves and let our heart speak all it wants with our actions.

5. Kabhi Kabhi Aditi

‘Kabhi Kabhi Aditi’ tunes around Friendship that don’t wish to fade away. It talks about the ifs and buts that life has in store for you and how you need to react to it. It depicts the true friendship of two souls where one always cares for the other. It endangers me about my separation from my close friends whom I cannot afford to lose ever in life.

6. Jashan-e-bahara


‘Jashan-e-bahara’ evolves around love that is blossomed around a guy who is absolutely in love. This song travels through the soul of a person and makes him realise the true meaning of love and tries to eliminate the distance between two people who are close yet apart from each other. It talks about all the beauties of nature along with the feelings that are hidden in one’s heart.

7. Yeh Haseen Vadiya

7 Iconic Heart Touching Songs Of A R Rahman

‘Yeh Haseen Vadiya’ nurtures the love between two souls who wander with each other in the woods and doesn’t leave each other throughout. It is about the happiness and joy they feel when they are with each other. It’s about vowing to stay together for lives together and loving each other until there is life.

This article is written by Harshal Sanghi ( Connect on Instagram: @the.writerschoice )

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