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5 Lessons Every Couple Should Learn From Baarish 2

Every relationship is unique and has it’s own limits and condition and relationship doesn’t always mean good or happy times. It is the combination of different phases in life, like happy, sad, emotional and lot more but in all those situations supporting and believing your partner is everything. And this show Baarish season 1 and 2 gonna help you out a lot in your relationship. Here are the 5 lessons every couple should learn from Baarish 2.

1. Yeh chhatri walon ko kya pata Baarish ka asli maza:

baarish 2

The first spell of rain, which is mushy and romantic has a magic of its own, the best time to confess love. Pitter patter of the rain, hot tea and Vada Pav were Anuj and Gauravi token of love.

2. Communication is the backbone of all relationships:

Even when everything was going wrong in both their families, Anuj and Gauravi knew the importance of communication. They prioritize communication over anything else. They believed that things will fall into their place, again.

3. Emotional support > Materialistic comforts:


Anuj wanted to give Gauravi every happiness possible. But he didn’t know that more than materialistic pleasure, she needed emotional support. What harm silence does to a relationship is that it silences the relationship itself!

4. Tough phases don’t last, Tough people do:

baarish 2

A dysfunctional family, unrest between siblings and a miscarriage came like a thunderbolt to Anuj and Gauravi. But they don’t shatter. They are fighting all challenges of life, hands in hands!

5. Money can buy everything, but it is not everything:

baarish reasons

Earning money becomes Anuj’s only aim. Anuj and Gauravi spend very little time together. The rain has conspired against their love, put them in tough situations and is testing them, time and again.

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