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10 Movies To Understand The Concepts of Love

10 Movies To Understand The Concepts of Love

Written by Vaibhav Mehra ( Instagram @veb_mehra )

There can be many shades and concepts of love. Everyone has a different approach towards love and everyone loves differently. So here are 10 movies that can make you understand how the concept of love works from different views and angles.

Here are 10 movies to understand the concepts of love

1. Laila Majnu – 2018

I will say this is the best movie to get yourself introduced to the Concept of Love. Starring Avinash Tiwari and Tripti Dimri, this movie shows you completely raw emotions and will take you to the depths and eternal nature of love, making you feel the adrenaline rush with its every twist and turn.

2. Love Aaj Kal – 2020

10 Movies To Understand The Concepts of Love
10 Movies To Understand The Concepts of Love

Whenever you are introduced to the concept of love, you start living in a different world and sometimes it breaks you down when reality hits. So it’s important to be prepared with this Imtiaz Ali directed modern classic telling you how important it is to create a work-life balance for a healthy relationship.

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3. Her – 2013

her movie scene

One of the drawbacks of romantic movies is that they raise your expectations, sometimes more than needed, so to cover that we have Academy Award Winning movie Her. The movie tells you how important it is to grow into a better person and how important it is sometimes to let your better half so that they can grow more. Not only that but the movie teaches us how each and every relationship of our lives makes us the better version of ourselves even though it hurts.

4. Chandni – 1989

10 Movies To Understand The Concepts of Love

Obviously this Yash Chopra Directed is a classic. Chandni is important for all of us to understand that every one of us deserves second chances. No matter how our past relationship was, it is okay to move on. Parallel to that, the movie also teaches us to stick around to the person who we actually think is the one. And finally, it tells us that there is always an aspect of luck in every love story.

5. Me before You – 2016

10 Movies To Understand The Concepts of Love

Starring Emilia Clarke and Sam Claflin this movie have the potential to make you cry. The thing is that nowadays we all are praising self-love and self Priorities but this movie teaches us that in true love there is no me and you but for us, and how important it is sometimes to sacrifice for that us. Again the movie emphasizes how we as a person can completely change into our better version whenever we fell in love.

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6. Ki and Ka – 2016

10 Movies To Understand The Concepts of Love

This movie I am especially including because even after some flaws, the movie is based upon a completely new and innovative concept which is yet important. That is a relationship there are no roles, both people are equally responsible for a healthy relationship, and that’s why clearing the concept that love without equality can never be a thing in the long run.

7. A Silent Voice – 2016

a scene from a silent voice movie

To being loved is to being understood and is to being accepted. A Silent Voice is a marvellous implementation teaching us the importance of listening as an act of love. Not only that but again discovering the growth of personality and the need for redemption, sometimes to experience the following acceptance.

8. Cheeni Kum – 2007

10 Movies To Understand The Concepts of Love

Starring one of the best performers of all time, legendary Amitabh Bachchan opposite to much younger co-star Tabu, this movie is a must-watch. With the beautiful acting and the strong implementation, the movie clearly gives the message that there is no right age to fall in love, you just need the right person.

9. Shubh Mangal Zyada Savdhan – 2020

This list would have been incomplete without this movie. It not only clears the concepts of love but also clears our social concepts. Telling us that we all are bound together with the invisible thread of love and love in itself can’t be restricted by any kind of physicality, it’s much above that.

10. The Shape of Water – 2017

“Unable to perceive the shape of you, I find you all around me. Your presence fills my eyes with your love, it humbles my heart for you are everywhere.” Should I say any more about this movie? This academy award-winning is such a strong and bold movie, telling that love is enough to help us survive through even the darkest phases of life.

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